O2 Candle

Individual oxygen candles are available from MineARC. The oxygen candle is intended to be used only when the compressed mine air supply, and the refuge's own oxygen cylinders have been exhausted/cut-off. Once ignited, the oxygen candle will produce 2,600 litres of O2 over a period of 60 to 80 minutes - equating as roughly enough O2 to sustain 15 people for 5.7 hours, assuming they are at rest (calculation is based on 0.5lt per person per minute). Once ignited, the oxygen candle cannot be stopped and restarted.

A candle has a shelf life of 10 years. The oxygen candles used in MineARC refuge chambers are of the same standard as those used worldwide in most modern submarine fleets (Royal Australian Navy - Collins Class). The oxygen candle is housed in a stainless steel canister, also placed inside the refuge, together with an MPOG match.